LAND Steel Tape:
We own certificate of MID for steel tape. Land Brand steel tape Applies the new technology of ultraviolet to make the printing plate and infrared to stabilize the coating. This product features a clear surface, bright color blades, logical structure, novel styles, good flexibility and straightness of the blade in operation, boasting its extensive range of series, multifunction, intelligence and practicability etc. They are sold all over china and exported to the global market. They are well received by our customers. Our supply includes the steel measuring tapes of auto-rolling type in 1-10m of only metric system, 3-33ft of only British graduation, 1m/3ft-10m/33ft of British metric dual graduation, and manual-rolling type in 10-50m of only metric system.

Quality standard: standard of P.R.China GB10633-89 reference standard: No.350IML international suggestion. Tolerance of the value indication from the zero point to any graduation line must accord with the following rule:
Grade I:=△±(0.1+0.1L)mm
Grade Ⅱ :=△±(0.1+0.1L)mm
Note: △ refers to the tolerance of the value indication. Refers to the length in meter the most approximate and bigger round-numbered value in meter is adopted in case the length is not a round-numbered multiple of one meter.

The absolute value of the tolerance may increase for blades of extremity and combination types in the absolute value of the tolerance.
Grade I :=0.1mm GradeⅡ :=0.2mm

With the application of high quality aluminum alloy and high transparent, super clear vials and aluminum spirit level features high sensitivity to the variation of measured surface position when it is place on an object, It is widely applied not only in the architecture engineering, room decoration and sports to examine the horizontal and vertical position of an object, and even the object at 45° angle, but in people’s daily life to detect the levelness as well.

It acquires up-to-date models and excellent presentation with the outlook of frame, bridge, compound and bar shapes, it can also be printed with metric or British graduation on the sides of the level. It offers convenience to customers.

LAND Fiberglass Tape:
We own certificate of MID for Fiberglass tape. With high quality of PVC as the material for tape blade. ABS for the case, with clear printing of graduation and up-to-date models, it is widely used in architecture engineering, sports games and field work for length measurement. The manual rolling fiberglass long tape has the lengths arranging from 5m to 100m in case or open reel. The tape blade is printed one side or double sides with only metric or only British or metric-British graduations. It has features of erosion resistance, convenience for use, being handy and economical for customer’s benefit.

For max.permissible tolerance see the table, if the length is within the minimal division value:
The max.permissible tolerance is calculated as per the following formula, if the number of length is bigger than the minimal division value: △=±(1.2+0.8•L)mm EEC Grade Ⅲ : △=±(0.6+0.4 • L)mm
Note: △ Max, permissible tolerance in mm, L-Length value. the bigger and most approx. round-numbered value in metre is taken in case a measured length is less than a round-numbered multiple of one metre. The permissible tolerance is to increase by ±0.5mm if an extremity or combined measuring tool is used.

LAND high pressure washer:

Land high pressure washer change the pressure from water tap several hundred even thousand atmospheric pressure, through three high-pressure plunger pump, bY the special nozzle. And shoot up the high concentrated water at tremendous speed, high pressure water washing the surface. Water impact force is larger than adhesion force between dirt and object surface, high pressure water will peel off and sweep away the dirt, reach to clean the object surface.

Content Customer Needs
Wash the car, motorbike, electric motor car and other vehicles; spray garden and park; spray liquid medicine. Disinfect and other sprays; wash the exterior of houses, windows, lawn. Bathing pool. toilet and other corners which is difficult to clean; wash the special place, like blind hole, groove.